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5/8 master

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I just picked up my 06' from it's free brake job....did the usual piston & seals plus a new m/c from a sprint. Looks different from the original, anyone know if aftermarket levers will work? Does the sprint have a different clutch lever, if not I could just get a set for the sprint.. right?

anyway the new brakes rule, stoppies better with much better feel and no finger crushin' action. The dealer's service department was supper cool with me. +1 for Triumph for standing behind their stuff.
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So, should I be expecting a new MC with the coated pistons? I thought they were only doing the coeated pistons.
Thanks for the tip, my dealer still doesn't have the new pistons in and I know If I try getting the M/C it'll be another few months. I've been waiting two months now just to get the 12k service done, and it's not cuz they're busy.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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