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@ 6500 rpm and above

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i went for a ride today and unlike most of the hooligans on here, i usually keep the rpm under 6k rpm. today, my inner hooligan possessed my right hand and twisted the throttle a little more. on the freeway, 3rd gear, passing 6500k and the bike's exhaust note changed from a loud throaty roar to more of a wail. is this natural? i have dual titanium arrows and a tors tune on the bike... thanks for your thoughts.
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They were screaming with joy. :wave:
My 955 is truely the happiest above 7k so dont fret .
The stock bike comes alive at 7000 rpm, and the tach reads over 10,000 when you hit the limiter. :eek:
I've had my bike since very late October and had only 2 weeks of seat time before it had to go in the shop. Unfortunately those were 2 knocking motor weeks so I've never had my 955 above 5k rpm! :mad: BTW the bike still isnt fixed....
There is someone I think you guys should meet. TEKMOE!!!
bruiser06 said:
i went for a ride today and unlike most of the hooligans on here, i usually keep the rpm under 6k rpm.
Tekmoe - did you change you're screen name? :eek:wned: ;D
Skinny, have you met Tekmoe?

He and I do just fine around Dallas, and he's definitely gotten over that low RPM thing.
durty said:
My 955 is truely the happiest above 7k so dont fret .
I couldn't agree more. I have a 99 955i and I hate floating around under 6k. Sure, there's plenty of power available but nothing beats that sound and response above 5500-6000. Man, I love this bike.
You mean speedy will run if you keep her under 6500 rpm? :devil: :twofinger: :fingure:
This exactly why this bike is so awesome. If you want to go easy you can cruise comfortably under 6500rpm. But when you use the upper rpm's the bike goes berzerk and you can do the hooligan all you want.

It's like freaking jekyll and hyde :drink:
I got it up to 137mph ACTUAL (gps logged) today out with Tekmoe on a nice sunday ride through the twisties. Oddly enough, if I had a bigger fairing and a better helmet, I could feel the bike still pulling, the road was just getting too bumpy and it was really windy out. However, riding at that speed is pretty ridiculous as it takes too long to swerve or brake to be safe. 100mph on the freeway is about perfect.
I have not had the pleasure of meeting Tekkie yet. I say those guys should meet him because he can cure their ales. Remember back when before Tek started twistin' it! I thought you would see the humor. It was like in Ferris Bueler when the guy says to Ferris' sister that she should meet Ferris to solve her problems. Can you see the intended humor now? It was no dig on Tek, it was praise!!
lol. maybe next weekend all three of us can go up to mckinney and do some more runs on 546 and 545. those are some pretty fun roads. 545 is the better one as it doesn't have the glazed tar spots in the turns. need to find some other roads that branch off of those.

it was definitely windy on sunday. i got up to about 110 and decided to back off because i'm still testing the feel of a mismatched set of tires. pilot power front/diablo rear. so far so good.
That banshee wail is what hooked me on the Speed Triple in the first place! First time I ever saw one, it went by me in my car out on I-40 near Morganton, NC at about a buck-ten and rising - that exhaust note sent a chill down my spine! The little demon entered my brain at that very moment, and I began plotting how to get one...

And that's how I got got.

she's not happy below 5000.

Very happy above 7000.

Your missin all the fun tek, stick around. How many newbie [email protected]'s about which oil to use can ya stand over there? :lurking:
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