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Bloody Brit Bike Builders using crappy Chinese hardware!

(Breathing in and out in controlled breaths, after slinging a wrench across the garage, and having to go find it)

So I have the 1050 engine back in the bike. But now I have to pull the head!
As I am installing the headers, one header stud snaps off in the head. Time to pull the head back off and extract the broken stud.

Now I need to find a set of metric studs and new lock nuts. Maybe ARP has some grade 5 or 8 in stainless or nickel plate.

Two steps forward, and one step back. :violent1:

Will SOMEONE please tell the bean-counters at triumph they have made my list, and are welcome to visit at any time. (sarcastic and threatening one) :finger:
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Man that REALLY SUKs!!! :violent1:

When you get all done ya ought to send the bike to Triumph and let them see how it ought to be built!
Catahoulabulldog said:
ug.... I know this one all too well.....
Header studs?

What did you replace them with. I don't want studs that will corrode - like the stock ones. Hell I live hundreds of miles from the coast and constantly worry about corrosion on the S3. That's why I am powdercoating everything I can.
Oh, God. Been there, done that. Not on this bike but many moons ago when I used to play with other peoples engines (car) for a living. :horse:
I have been concerned about this as well. I don't live near saltwater anymore, but winter here brings the salt trucks and spring is always wet, all of that salt has to go somewhere right?

+1 on ARP products! Let us know what they have available please.
I am not worried about getting it out, unfortunately I have plenty of extraction tools and thread inserts and dual-certs if needed.

I did not over torque. I was using a stubby wrench and was just getting the nut snug when it fell out with half the stud.

I am just pissed off because somewhere in the UK, the cheap-a$$ed bastard that is responsible is having a good day.

I will report on what I find.
If all else fails, there is a stainless supplier in Atlanta that has everything, in almost every grade.
Devious2xs said:
If all else fails, there is a stainless supplier in Atlanta that has everything, in almost every grade.
If all else fails????

If I had your money I'd be replacing every bolt on the thing with stainless and throwing the rest away!
Crash - I have spent little on this bike. A lot less than others with many more apearance items. On the internal work, I have spent money on gaskets, cryo-treating the pistons, and the cost of coatings to put on myself. I had hoped to spend nothing on engine fasteners.  :-\

A little update on the internal engine mods:

I tore it all apart and shot some photos. I matched the weights of the pistons/pins/clips and then sent the pistons out to be cryo-treated to improve life/reduce wear on skirts and lands. I have done this with good results in the past.

The rods were balanced for rotating and reciprocating weights.

I had planned on coating the pistons skirts and domes - My brother used up the last of my ceramic coating, and more is on the way, but I reassembled the short block without it. I will likely kick myself about this for a while.

Heads - I did some clean up work in the bowls and in the ports. I then decided to smooth and reshape a few areas. I cut the head surface to add a touch more compression without causing interference issues. I coated the combustion chamber, valves, and exhaust ports with a ceramic heat-reflective coating and reassembled.

I reinstalled the cams and (with the engine reassembled) accurately checked cam timing and reset the Falicon cam gears for a touch of retard on the intake cam. (no CB jokes please)

I was hoping to have the bike running today.

No dice.

Side note - if you take a rare earth magnet off an oil filter, do not place it anywhere near a USB data storage disk. It ruins it, and photos on it are forever lost.  :violent1: [not one of my brighter moves]

I had to reshoot a few photos, but some are lost.
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Sorry man, I's just pokin' achya.

The sun is shining here. I think I'll go ride a bit and maybe buy a new pair of gloves.

I deserve it. I've been sidelined now for way too long.

WTF am I doing in front of the computer anyway?
crashmasterd said:
Sorry man, I's just pokin' achya.
No problems. I MAY just be a bit touchy right now. ;)
So..... What would you charge to do all that to someone else's bike?????? Devi's Speed Triple Performance shop....
J-Pip said:
So..... What would you charge to do all that to someone else's bike?????? Devi's Speed Triple Performance shop....

One Miiiiiilion dollars. - Dr. Evil

I would need to sit down and figure how much time I have involved. The hard part is done, doing the first one. Each one gets easier from here on out.

How does "Power Tripp Performance" sound?
Man, I could tell stories like that all day, but it would be about my own incompetence rather than inferior parts. ;D

Probably the best one was when I dropped a bolt into the end of a sv650 header and had to take the whole thing off again for like the third time that afternoon. My three hour zx10 oil change was also a real kneeslapper :violent1:.
Devious2xs said:
How does "Power Tripp Performance" sound?
That's excellent!
Re: @#$%^&!!!!! ...suggestion

As far as corrosion protection for your header studs, can't you throw some anti - seize thread lube on there? I put that stuff on the wheel lugs of my car and seems to work nicely. I would think that stainless studs would be even more prone to breaking but I am not sure of that.
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