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Had a few hours on the 675 today.

It's a mighty impressive, rapier of a bike.

I'm no fast or talented rider but this bike made me feel like one.

Smooth and precise transmission and engine except about 8000 rpm when a slight vibe could be felt.

Nice shove in the back around 9,000 revs.

Getting back on speedy soon gave me those large speedy3 grins however (torque surfing). The speedy felt so big, tall and wide (handlebars) after the 675....... like riding a warp factor lounge chair whilt on acid.

Overall speedy and 675 are totally different animals and both immense bikes.

I'm trying the 955 Daytona next week.

(Stablemate to speedy).

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I want a 675 badly as a track bike. The thing is just stupidly lightweight, super flickable, and just has a spine-tingling sound from that airbox.
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