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With a few mild mods and incomplete tuning, the following is possible:

Simple and cheap 1050 Modifications list:
Spark plugs – Denso IU27a
Oil- ALI ProDrive 21 Type 3
Fuel - Amoco Ultimate 93 octane (R+M/2) (non-oxygenated)
Coolant - 20% PG/75% distilled water/5% surfactant
Header - Stock, with precatalyst removed, ceramic coated, wrapped primaries, internal clean up.
Exhaust - Trident Carbon half system – ceramic coated and internal clean up.
Intake work - Throttle body bores cleaned up with throttle blade edge radius, rubber adapters cleaned up. Custom cold air ducting.
Air Filter - BMC “street” filter
Velocity stacks - Custom made stacks with adjustable length set at 75mm length for this test.
Cam timing - Falicon adjustable cam gears - set at near stock for this test.
Tuning - Tuneboy custom tune [from base 20088Dyno39 tune]
Other - SAI removed, +++ (Devious secrets will be kept)

RPM is cut off - left side is 1000 rpm, each vertical line is 1000 rpm. Peak power @ 9000 rpm - 75 ft-lb available at 3300 rpm and grows from there.
Dynojet SAE rwhp (SP is 1.01417% higher):
1 - Clean out pull with low max rpm
2 - First full run
3 - Several runs later with a bit of tuning (4000-6000 incomplete - more is possible)
4 - Too much fuel on top end, still lean in low/mid range.
Tuning is incomplete, but the cam timing and velocity stack length will be adjusted for higher rpm for next test. More is definately possible - others may have already done it.


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Tommy Wimimski's (Germany) 1050 dyno with PCIII, exhaust, cam timing adjusted, heads ported and cut to 12.5 CR - numbers are SP and Nm -

Red - modified (This equals 141.28 SAE hp and 84.2 ft-lb)
Blue - stock
green - 2000 model with mods.


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Very impressive.

Devious secrets..... lol :p

If you lived in the UK and give you my bike and a wad of cash to make it like yours (except the wrapped headers).

Whats left for you to try?


Great story backed up with true facts and figures.


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I am still working with velocity stacks and cam timing.

On my bike, I plan to build a custom header.

I am also planning on pulling the engine in order to remove the crank/rods/pistons. I want to polish aand shot peen the rods, balance the rotating assembly, and ceramic coat the pistons and chambers. The heads will get a bit of clean up work, and be milled for slightly more compression.

I am talking with two companies about grinding me custom cam profiles from Daytona cams.
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