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97-06 compatability for Daytona/Speed Triples

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A Daytona and Speed Triple 97/01 frame will take a 02/04 motor also the new1050 05/06 motor will also fit. This works both ways a 1050 frame can have a Daytona motor!!

Differences between the two frames. The 02/04 frame has a center bolt hole for the tank and the 97/01 has the two lugs for the tank. So 97-01 tank is not compatable with the 02-06.

The 02/04 frame has a small lug at the bottom of the Swingarm bolt to mount the exhaust to, not important if you are using a light weight can.

1050 Speed Triple front and rear:
The rear wheel and Swingarm setup will fit all models Daytona and Speed Triple frames 97/04 no mods are required.

1050 Sprint front and rear:
The rear wheel and Swingarm setup will fit all model Sprint frames 97/04 no mods are required.

To fit a Sprint rear-end into a Daytona or Speed Triple frame. You will need to use the SSSA shocker and linkage for that type of frame.

1050 Speed Triple:
Complete front-end will fit all model frames 97/04 Daytona and Speed Triple, no mods required.

Speedo drive? The 1050 dose not have a front wheel speedo drive. You can modify the wheel to fit one easy enough, or you can use the front sprocket to pic up a signal like on the gsxr motors.

Wheel offset:

1050 Speed Triple rotors have a 135mm center to center this is 5mm more than any of the 97 to 04 Daytona, Speed Triple and Sprints wheels.
You can use the 02/04 5 stud rotors to fit the wheel to a standard 97/04 offset of 130mm

1050 Sprint front wheel rotor offset is 130mm that’s the same as all 97/04 models

1050 Sprint and Speedy wheels have gone to the bigger 97/01 axle size. Fitting the front wheel to a 02/04 Daytona or Speed Triple will require a change of bearings or a sleave fitted to the bearings to reduce the inside diameter.

1050 Speed Triples:

The subframe, seat, rear panels and tank will fit the early model frames no problem. Tank will not fit the 97-01.

97-01 Front wheel has a larger diameter axle than 02-04. This diameter matches the 1050, as well as the 02-06 GSXR 1000 (for front end swap).
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Hi there kuhlka, I was wondering if you think racecomps intercooler for the '04 would fit the 05/06. Wayne MacDonald says that the throttle bodies seem to be the same spacing but that's all he could tell me. How did you find out all of that info, have you scrapped the older bikes before? Thanks
I think it was Steve Larson or Wayne McDonald on who posted that list up. There were even pics of two different bikes where parts had been swapped from bike to bike as examples.

I imagine the intercooler would fit as the tanks are compatable, but I wouldn't bet 100% on it without a pro giving the go ahead.
If you do it, post up some pics and a how-to!
Super old post revival!
Odd question but can I use the seat from a 1050 on my 2002 955i S3 without changing the tank too?
Maybe if you change the whole subframe, but it still won't be a bolt on affair.

so my vote is no.
I would say it would require the later model subframe to work, but the seat is unlikely to marry up well to your tank. 1050 tanks seem to come cheap on eBay up often enough to perhaps consider swapping that out too... why do things by halves?
Your issue with mating the tank to the seat, is that your 955 tank is more flatter/square-er than the 1050. This your issue looks like this:

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