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97 Speed Triple Fast idle.

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OK hi guys. I am a lurker.

OK a little history. I purchased my first Triumph 2 weeks ago. A 1997 Speed Triple with 24,000 miles on it. 1 owner and all service records. I just had the 24,000 service done a week before I purchased it.

So yesterday I had it into the Triumph shop to get new tires on it and a set of frame sliders. All looks well until on the ride home I stop a stop light and see the idle is at 2,000 rpm. I turn around and go back to the shop. They quickly look at it and can't fined anything wrong. They said it may reset it's self or go back to normal on it's own. But if it doesn't that I can schedule an appointment to come in and have them put it on the computer.

Now I am a newb when it comes to a modern bike. My other bike is a 1975 Honda XL350. I have no experience with a fuel injected bike with a computer.

So does this sound right? That it may just reset it's self or does it sound like something easy to fix? It normally idles at 1,000 to 1,100. Last night I started it up and rode it for 5min and it was at would idle at 1,500 rpm's.

Any suggestions or input would be great.

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You've got an adjuster on the throttle cable. Turn it in a bit and see if that lowers the idle. A Tuneboy would be a good investment as well.
Idle doesn't reset itself. Something is holding the throttle open a small amount - it could be the cable, but is likely carbon in the throttle body or the idle air solenoid (mounted to the throttle body).

Of you pull the tank and airbox, you will see two electrical connections to the throttle body. One is for the throttle position sensor, the other connects to a solenoid the opens/closes the throttle in small amounts at adle and during deceleration. you can clean it with a can of carburetor cleaner and a toothbrush.
you can clean it with a can of carburetor cleaner and a toothbrush.
Are you talking about cleaning the throttle body or the solenoid?

I'm thinking the idle air control valve - notorious on the older bikes (quite different design on the 02+)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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