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A good Tank Bag?

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Does anyone out there have a tank bag they love that fits well? My old TourMaster is driving me insane, it won't stay still on the tank.
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If you get the Motech fuel cap mount it holds compatible tank bags on REALLY well. I've got Bags Connection bag from that is pretty nice. You'll need something bigger for longer trips, but it does the trick for short trips, or as a tool/accessory bag for general use.
I've got the OE one (Triumph) bought off "FleaBay" does the job!
You could look out for a "Baglux" kit - cover and bag?
+ 1 on the sv - motech gas cap/tankbag setup!
Baglux Cover & Bag!!!!
Though I've also got a "Triumph" one as well!
I use Rev-Pack for all my MC luggage needs. The tank bags are really fantastic. Simplicity rules. These are no-nonsense bags, where the company doesn't get all caught up in a multitude of zippers and seams and big corporation silliness.
Their products are so good, even Aerostich sell Rev-Pack tank bag products if that means something.

If you are interested, check out their website and buy from them directly.

For my S3, I use the Jr. Tank Bag. It has plenty of space, a map holder and check it out: ONE ZIPPER.
The bag also comes with protective foam in order to leave
your beautiful scorched yellow/caspian blue/roulette green/fusion white/ black tank unscratched.
Do yourself a favor, make sure you don't get one that is too big and gets loaded too much so that the bike cannot stand up on its own (side stand down) with it in use.
I have the Triumph tank bag, and it is a good piece of kit. It expands to hold a long weekends worth of stuff. I also have the Seat Sak from Luggage Locker which is good as well.
dfib said:
Anyone using the tanklocker system??
I considered the tanklocker (is that the right name?) but decided trying to reach under the bag with a key to unlock it each time I needed gas sounded like a PITA and a good way to scratch the tank. People that have it say it is no problem but I went with the SWMotech system instead. I have two bags that use the same mount. A small one for day trips and a bigger one for overnighters. Very clean & secure.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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