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A little ass-ectomy

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So I got a little productive yesterday and made a fender eliminator out of an old ticket book. It's a little too thin, but it sure cleans up the rear end. I'll probably take it off and give it to a friend of a friend that does laser cutting shit and make it nicer, I'll try getting him to make a few extra if anyone's interested.

Also, if the title for Cheapbastard was up for grabs, I think i'd win it with this next one... I'm driving with a friend down the road, when we run over a piece of mesh. I instantly dawns on me that the mesh would work pretty good in the side panels, so we stopped and I picked it up.... Wallah

Now my only problem is that I picked up one of those LP "stealth" plate frame, turn signals. Speedy's wiring harness has a positive and negative for each signal, this looks to have a positive for both signals, but a shared negative. I'm not a electircal guru and could use some advice, I thought I could either just connect the signal's negative to one of Speedy's negatives, or connect the two negatives on speedy's harness and hook them to the signals negative. Make sense? Here's a pic.
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Good work. Especially on the ticket book and expanded metal mesh. :pow:

I wish we could use ALL ticket books this way. ;)

Pick a ground and use it. It doesn't matter which one.

I'm actually, surprised at how bright the light is. I got it as a short term light to keep me legal till I found something else, but I think I'll keep it.
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Looks really good J-Pip. The only thing I worry about with these and the tail lights with the indicators built in is whether the indicators are far enough from the centre of the bike. ie whether someone will be able to tell if you're turning left or right. They definitely look great and really clean up the rear end though.

nice job jpip, especially on the mesh. A true cheapbastard moment. ;D
J-Pip said:
So I got a little productive yesterday and made a fender eliminator out of an old ticket book.
Oh, the Irony!
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