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Devious said:
Alaska is correct, and has you covered.

IF you are going to do the work on the custom pipe yourself, remove the pre-cat at the same time... You will like the results. ;)

I THOUGHT I was going to have a bunch of spare time on my hands this winter (to modify headers)... I was wrong. So the header work is on hold for a while, but perhaps in a couple of months. Between business, toys, a new business project, and my brother's boat-building company, I am covered up.

I am working on too many engines right now - The Triple, a MODIFIED outboard boat engine (two-stroke V6), a turbocharged 4-banger for a new Lotus, and a twin-turbo aluminum V8 for another boat that will be at the LA Boat Show in Feb. I spent the whole weekend hovering over a flowbench and manometers.

If anyone has seen my head, let me know. :violent1:

I can think of worse ways to spend a weekend. Glad to see ya poke your head out for a bit!
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