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Advice for new riders

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Ok here's the scenario:

You're cruising along on the internet on a non-motorcycling forum and in the off-topic section you find a thread about someone looking for a motorcycle so they can get into the sport.

What do you suggest for a motorcycle?
What additional advice do you give?

Look for a used bike that you're not going to be crushed about when you drop it! Suzuki GS500 and SV650's are super good, there's lots of them out there used, they are beginner friendly, and can be enjoyed for more than a couple of months.

Buy gear! Plan on spending $500-1000 just on gear. Helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, pants, etc.
Take a MSF course! Leave your ego at home!
Ride safe, enjoy, and keep her between your legs as much as possible!
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make your learning bike a beater bike.... maybe an 84 nighthawk, you wont care so much about dropping it is its already ugly ;D buy appropriate safety gear.

and FOR SURE take the MSF riders course..

I'm sure that more can be said but thats what hits me NOW!

dont go to bike nights and drink.... :beer:

dont go to a bike night for your first time riding at night....

practice round a parking lot NOT using the brake....

if you take a passenger....have her (or him in cheap's case :devil:) wear gear as well...not just a freakin helmet either..i hate retards on bikes with shorts....worse, down here in FL...retards on bikes, with shorts, wifebeater, sunglasses and flipflops....i just wanna get off my bike or outta my car and push them over :fingure: :popcorn:
Take the MSF class and get a beater bike for sure!!! I have a friend that is just learning and he bought a POS Honda Hurricane. It's great for learning. :smitty:
Buy something used/cheap that you will be able to sell to a friend in a few months for what you paid for it when you start getting comfortable and want more power and better handling.

My very first bike was a Honda cm400 twin. I only had it for a month, but it was a good bike to learn on how the controls work and it wasn't powerful enough to get me in trouble when i got it wrong.
Buy a 24,000 dollar Harley Davidson, 3,000 in Costume i.e. HD Jacket, Doo Rag, Chaps with Tassels and 300.00 in black T-Shirts. Don't wear a Helmet cuz the chicks can't see how good you look standing next to your bike parked at Starbucks. Trailer your bike to Sturgis so you don't put miles on it. Don't forget your membership to the largest boys club in America, HOG.

Think that will about cover it. :wave:

Don't ride with Limey, Cheapbastard, Dfib, or me.

We'll give you a bad reputation, and possibly cause you to call 911.
If this is someone who's COMPLETELY new to motorcycles.........I'd suggest to them the following:

1) buy a little dirt bike and learn to ride it with proper gear. (less than 250cc)
2) then buy a little street bike and learn to ride it with proper gear. (less than 500cc)

several years later....

3) buy a slightly bigger street bike and continue learning.

4) Always have respect for the bike and the road and maintain a healthy respect for what they can do to you the moment you...
-stop paying attention,
-stop being respectful of what you're doing,
-believe that car wont pull out in front of you,
-think one more beer wont hurt.

We could write 100 bullet here but I'll stop.

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Make friends with a local motorcycle cop and go ride with him. You can teach each other plenty.
Make your first bike a sub-500cc beater for sure, and +1000 on the MSF course - I totalled one before I took the course, and haven't even dropped one since (knock on wood here).

The biggest piece of advice I can offer is to imagine that your helmet is an invisibility device: as soon as you put that thing on, ride like NOBODY can see you. Assume that the idiot is actually going to pull right out in front of you, or make a right exit from the left lane, or slam on brakes for a f**king squirrel, for crying out loud. And in none of those situations will they have seen you, not even with loud pipes!

Ride smart - ride safe.
ok guys you wear gear I wear a helmet! You will servive a crash with alot less damage than me. And where in the Hell are these bike nights here in Kansas City? and while we are on the subject..500---1000 dollars on gear? Are you nutz! Ok I have a 350 dollar helmet and a coat with a back brace thats it. When I took the rich predmore riding coarses at the track it is required. Oh yeh I also own a pair of redwing work boots with steel toe the brown color not the black ones that I occasionaly wear. I am just kidding I have not bought what I consider the appropriate clothing and hope I never pay for that but I do enjoy riding in my levis and tennis and heaven forbid no ridding golves unless it is cold. Thanks for the advice and I hate Harley's...sean

First bike should be a reliable beater - like a 10-20 year-old Jap bike, preferably less than 500cc

When you are competent enough to ride the snot out of that bike, look for a real bike, and sell the beater to someone who is still learning.

Buy the right gear - doesn't have to cost a mint.

- full-face helmet DOT minimum, Snell preferred. (less than $150 for a Bell or Scorpion)
- jacket with CE-approved protection (less than $100 for a basic Cortech/Tourmaster)
- Long, heavyweight pants - (less than $80 for some Kevlar-reinforced jeans - $175 and up for leather)
- boots (again, less than $80 for OK boots, $120 and up for decent ones. Redwing makes some good boots that can double for workboots for tradesmen).
- gloves ($20 and up)

Don't even go to the corner store without at least your helmet, jacket and real shoes/boots.
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Fuckin' eh.
my first bike was a 1990 honda hawk gt. fricken great learning bike. 45hp, but could easily(ok, not easily, it was work) keep up with any 600 supersport in the twisties. You can give it a handfull of throttle and it would just go, it wouldn't spit out the rear or land you on your back.
There are so many guys around here that go out and buy a brand new top of the line kawasuzuyamahond and fall off it the first week. Young soldiers that get $10K - $20K for re-enlisting just want the fastest thing in this months Motorcyclist magazine. Guy in my unit wants to buy a Gixer 1000 and has never rode a bike before. Can't tell him better though. :horse: The dealers and insurance companies are cleaning up. My first bike was a Honda 125 trail bike...I think 1980 model or something and I was 14.
Roulette - Tell the guy that wants the Gixxer that he can get it, but failure to show up for duty due to a bike accident is punishable. Then let him know you want to buy the bike from the insurance company when he wrecks it. ;)
Get a used SV-650, preferably with scratches already on it from being dropped a few times.
Listen up......ride as if no one can see or hear safe.
Devious2xs said:
Roulette - Tell the guy that wants the Gixxer that he can get it, but failure to show up for duty due to a bike accident is punishable. Then let him know you want to buy the bike from the insurance company when he wrecks it. ;)
Now that's a plan...There have been several soldiers here at Campbell killed on bikes lately. So now there's this big safety initiative going on where us seniors have to mentor the younger guys.(read: more paperwork) The plus side is that it's causing more motorcycle awareness and we have Brigade sanctioned rides during duty hours. Last Friday, 10 of us from my Battalion rode up to Bowling Green for the day. :smitty: You should have seen all the haters as we rode into the motorpool for our "pre-ride" inspection.
definately a +1 to the real riding gear and also realizing that when your on a bike you need to be alert at all times. the msf course does a good job of talking about that and looking to see if a cars wheel is moving on if they might turn in front of you, etc. my first bike was a bonnie and from riding the little bike in class i thought it was a good progression. but, i went to a school on a weekend to practice throttle control and low speed manuevers, emergency braking and such. helped a lot. i do agree with these guys about a beater bike too, but i had watched the wild one too much and felt the need for a black bonnie.

my friend who i sold the bonnie to doesnt like wearing a helmet and we even just had a friend die on his new 1098 so we are trying to enforce the importance of legit gear.
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