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Props to Capt. Rat, jackelmatador, and many others for helping accumulate this long list over the past 2 years.


Chain Reaction Moto - Awesome custom exhaust system by one of our very own

Ride Team Triumph Wisconsin (Triumph genuine bits & powermax undertail for t595&955i)

CF parts from Geelon Carbon Craft Online (If you don't mind digging, you'll find a few gems)

Really good batteries

Datatool, Triumph's alarm system company

StealthStreeBike, nuff said (hide from police lasers in plain view)

Turbo Connection (t595/955i turbo!)

SBF Online Shop (misc S3 parts)

TrickTape (misc bits, non-s3 specific)

Laminar Lip

Skyking Products (crash bobbins, bits and bobs)

Streetfighters USA (Renthal bars, lights, guages...)

Pro-Tek clip-ons

Two Brothers Racing (955 exhaust/footpeg spacer, exhausts, clip-ons)

Twisted Throttle (centerstand, bags, & other goodies)

Hooligan Racing Products (anodized billet brake fluid reservoir)


World of QB Carbon (CF parts for 955 triples)

Roadracing (Aluminum parts)

Spiegler Performance Parts (lines, and all kinds of other bits)

Motostrano (ducati site but has parts that'll fit Triumph, grips, bags, etc)

Motorcycle Superstore (tires, clothing, bits)

CustomDynamics Adjure Ice Headlights (other LED bits)

Tuneboy (1050/955 ECU & fuel mapping tuner without all the wiring ***** PCIII has)

Powerlet (got wired?)

Triumph-ant cycles (spare parts, motors, etc)

Sprocket Center (chains and sprockets, what else?)

Sprocket Specialsts

High Tech Speed (supposedly have an integrated LED tail for S3)


Pro-Bolt-Canada (nut'n'bolt kits)

Corsa Strada (bike coms)

NightStalker LED Lighting Kits


Cruz Tools (tool kits)

Baehr Motorcycle Coms

Cycle Brakes

Yoyodyne (radial MCs, ¼ turn throttle, other misc stuff)

Targa (misc stuff, a few Triumph bits)

Motorcyclestore (another place to buy Triumph Genuine stuff)

LockItt (Speed Pac and other interesting bits)

Linea MCJ (955 and 1050 body parts if you can translate french...)

AztechBikeBits (anodized hub covers and other stuff)

Chase Harper (luggage)

KneeDraggers (tires, sprockets, chains)

Parts411 (misc stuff)

Ron Ayers (one of THE cheapest places to get tires in the USA)

SportTouringUSA (ThrottleMeister Bar-ends, oilers, and other stuff)

Starcom (bike coms)

PlanetSuperbike (Union Jack gascap decal)

PazzoRacing (rota-click levers)

Hyperbolt (nuts'n'bolts)

QuietPowerdrive (WTF?!? Belt-drive S3?!)

HardRacing (Gilles Rearsets and a bunch of other stuff)

GriotsGarage (roller drive tools)

Carpimoto (Rizoma stuff and other)

Viosport (camera stuff)

Respro (Foggy mask for no more fogged lenses)

Gerbing heated skivvies

Schampa skivvies

SMF Cycles (misc Triumph bits)

Bagster (bags and seats)

GPS City (GPS and misc RAM Mounts)

Laser Exhausts

AllBallsRacing (bearings)

FSD (body parts)

Trident (pipes and bits)

StreetfighterStore (misc bits)

AU Streetfighter (rearsets and other bits, prices in aussie dollars)

Racecomp (Carbon fiber everything, Turbo kit, USD fork swap kit... prices in AU dollars)

Bike Johnny (engine case covers, bobbins, Throttlemeister)

LowBrowCustoms (Hooligan Triumph shirts)

SkidMarx (race bodywork)

Powerbronze (bodywork)

SharkSkinz (T595/955i race bodywork)

J&S Imports (Pro Oiler)

Tech Spec (Grip Skins for tanks)

Designer Helmets

British Motorcycling (clearance Triumph apparel)

Parts 4 Naked (awesome Roadracing aluminum bodywork site)

SECDEM (screen for S3 fly screen)

N-W-S (various)

Triumph Che Passione (decals, gauge cover)

Mike’s Grilles (radiator grilles)

Motowheels (various)

Competition Werkes (fender eliminators)

DynoMile (supercharger, carbon body bits, undertail exhaust)

T.M Accessories (various)

Rhencullen (undertail kit, carbon bits)

Motohaus (center stands, various)

Twisted Throttle (center stand)

Red Racing Parts (various…search under ‘Triple’)

FAB Products (radiator grilles)

Braban Motors (various body and carbon bits)

Wild Hair Accessories (body bits, rear sets, various) (a bunch of 05+ S3 performance parts & misc. bits)

Motocyco (streetfighter bits, billet grenade reservoir, misc parts) mentioned by Andhedrew

Givi (various screens and luggage)

MADSS (all sorts of motorcycle goodies)

Annitori Distrubiting (Zard exhaust, Micron exhaust, Hyperpro suspension)

PJ's Parts

Great list Kuhlka!

BTW the link for the 1st listing
Chain Reaction Moto - Awesome custom exhaust system by one of our very own

requires a password for somereason to get the page....

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Motopak luggage has an ebay store. I just bought soft bags that hold 90 liters for $50 less than their online store...

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Soooo... I've been working on a spreadsheet in Excel showing Speed Triple specific parts from the (arguably) big 3 distributors of aftermarket part -Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky and Motorcycle Stuff - that I've gone a little lax on. Most companies you see on the interwebs either buy from the distributors or can reference these back to their numbers. So far I've only done MCstuff so far and I haven't had a chance to proof it. Apparently my customers would like answers back in a timely fashion.
Kuhlka, if you want to add what I have so far, I can email it to you or we can?

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lsr has had a bike for a few weeks now. its a sponserd riders bike thats getting done up. and no lsr isnt making the aftermarket parts for yamaha
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