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Aftermarket Seat Replacements/Alternatives Cowl

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Just wondering what options there are out there and if pictures with pros and cons. Also with and without a rear cowl. Thanks all!!
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as far as I know, you can git the Triumph gel seat, a Corbin, or Sargeant. That's the only aftermarkets I know of. I'm ok with the stock seat, but I've heard great things about the Sargeant and Corbin!
I have a Corbin - great seat. Works just fine with the cowl.

Another option is to modify your seat by cutting and reshaping it using Kemmler Air2gel foam. I have done this on a couple of seats.
Personally I love the stock seat. This bike is SOO much more comfortable than my old SV650S it's like night and day. But I do wish the drivers portion of the seat extended a little further back. I've got a big fat ass and I tend to sit on the passenger strap during longer rides. Anybody know what a decent price to pay an upholsterer would be to cut it out further back?
Apholstery shop prices vary as much as the cost to do the work.

You might think about doing it your self. just remove the cover, take a knife or electric carving knife to the foam, add foam where you want it by cutting and using spray adhesive, and replace cover.

Take a look at the shape of the Corbin seat - notice the flatter area further back.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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