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air filters

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any difference performance-wise between bmc and k&n? has anyone tried 3 small individual filters that would mount right to the throttlebody openings?
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Ther should be little difference (if any) between the BMC, DNA, and K&N filters. All three provide more airflow than the engine can pull.

DO NOT run individual stack filters. You will lose the Helmholtz plenum effect that the airbox provides.
thanks ;)
On some engines (bikes), the airbox cannot be made to fit and still have a good volume - the Rocket 3 comes to mind. Only in these cases will individual filters work better than stock.

The Rocket3 would be even better if the plenum (airbox) was designed correctly, but the 2.3L engine demands a BIG plenum volume.

There is a huge amount of info available on plenums and the Helmholtz pulse tuning effect. The days of open intakes without plenums are nearly past - for good reason.
my last bike was the rocket and i used unifilters that gave me a terrific performance increase, that is why asked about them for the s3.........ask and you will learn! i enjoy squeezing a few extra ponies out of my bikes. 8)
I know I've asked this somewhere else, can't remember where though......

Is there enough difference in the BMC etc. to require remapping the injection? From figures and experiences Devi has posted the 05-06 is already on the lean side of things.

If it requires a remap, I'm waiting for tuneboy and old squids to complete the upgrade!
Here is a link to a 1050 Speed Triple dyno run on the Tuneboy site -

Look at the air/fuel ratio on the run with the TORs tune and aftermarket exhaust (the blue line). It is very lean from 4000-7500 rpm. The top end is actually a bit rich.

Air flow - Lets say the aftermerket filters flow 10% more air than the stock filter. That is great, IF the engine needs more flow, and will only improve performance where the engine needs this flow - at higher rpm. At lower rpm, the stock filter flows enough air, and there will be no benefit.

So with the stock or TORs tune, the aftermarket filters will be fine.
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