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All British Rally

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Last weekend I went to the All British Rally at Newstead (in Victoria, Australia). It's an anuual event but I had never been before. In the worst drought in Australia's history we had to pick a weekend with shitty weather. Nevertheless it was a great weekend. There were about 900 there, and a great array of Brit bikes some old some new. The oldest I saw was a 1902 BSA. Triumph Australia had a presence with one of every model in the range (except the 675). The Triumph rep was very helpful (at least until about 10pm Saturday......after that he was nearly spastic ;D). I took a few photos until the camera shit itself...again. The gate prize was a late 60's Triumph Daytona.....I didn't f'n win it. I went with a mate who has an 03 Speedy. I reckon there was about 30 Speedies there (of all models). It was great.

Just after we set up camp:

This one's for Devi.....two 650 Triumph motors grafted together......ingenious

A very tasty Commando Fastback

My Cornish mate Ashley's '03

A "rat" BSA

Then the camera said "enough"

I'll be back next year so I'll get some more pics. I saw two original Rocket III's that were pristine and a lot of Velocettes, AJS's, Vincents, Nortons and others, some I've never heard of before.

They crappy weather spoilt the ride there and back through some very nice roads.
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Some fabulous looking old classics there Leggy - cool!! :pow:
Sounds like it would have been a lot of fun. I'll have to try to make it next year. Is it in the same place every year?

You lucky, lucky man.

I am jealous and, at the same time, happy that such an event exists.

Maybe next year.

speedy1050 said:
Sounds like it would have been a lot of fun. I'll have to try to make it next year. Is it in the same place every year?

It hasn't always been at Newstead but it has been the last few years and I believe it will remain there for the next few. Its a nice part of the world close to Castlemaine and the historic town of Maldon.

Where do you live Phil
Hey Legman. I'm from Brisbane. There are some kick arse bike roads between here and Melbourne though so I'll just have to make a ride out of it next year and catch up with some mates along the way.

Very impressive.
Especially the dual 650 twin graft.
Thanks for sharing, I still miss my 1970 TR6R (bought new). My brother told me don't sell it you'll regret it, I do. Drafted in the Army and sold it to a buddy.
Looks like a great time was had by all! They do one of those things here in Portland every year but it's mostly cars. Apparently this year it's been canceled because of track construction starting in September, although there is a couple of weekends that are open as of now.


The Portland Historic Races are pretty cool too. Vintage track time. :D
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