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another first...not so good

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My first crash that is... Had to brake hard not to hit my buddy infront of me who was braking hard too. Took the plunge.

Left collar bone is dislocated, ATGATT.
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Oh, dude!

I hate it when that happens!

How's the forks?  Both yours and the bikes?

Please tell me you were wearing gear...
sorry about your accident - hope your (and your s3'S) recovery will be quick, inexpensive, and painless. one question, were you wearing protective gear (other than your helmet - which from the looks of it saved you from tons of damage)? take care.
Glad your not to banged up mate,heal quick and start fixing that bike.
Shit, that sux. Hope you are both on the road soon.
Always wear full protective gear. Boots fropm Oxtar, Textile richa pants and a textile hein gericke jacket, all torn up. My leather gloves did great aswell.
Sorry about your accident.I`m glad your o.k. enough to post.Take it easy tonight,sometimes when the adrenaline wears off you feel it a little more later.I hope not though.
Speedy recovery
NOT good to hear!

Let us know the damage report.
Damnit another accident, you look like you faired pretty well and speedy looks like she'll be up in no time
Man, that's shit. Your bike was sweet, too. Hope you heal fast and get your bike back on the road.
WTF!? I go out partying for a couple of hours and suddenly everybody is crashing! Stop it! You're pooping my party! :twofinger:

Glad to hear you're ok though :)
Sorry to hear about the spill. Quick recovery for you and speedy I hope!
That sucks bro, I had a crash years ago because those in front of me braked hard. Many times I like to ride by myself for fear of a repeat.
Man that's rough! Wishing you and your bike a fast recovery!
Sorry to hear that Mikey. At least you got the first crash out of the way early. Get well soon.
limey said:
Shit, that sux. Hope you are both on the road soon.
Looks to me like they've been "on" the road about enough!!!!! :laugh:

ps: heal soon....

best regards,
As bad as it looks (the bike that is) just remember, you're alive - which is the best result you can have.

Mend fast and get back out on the road my friend.
Dfib said:
Man that's rough! Wishing you and your bike a fast recovery!
+2..Hang tight bud
Thank God for safety equipment. Good call on the gear, man. Saved your ass for sure. Heal up quick, get well, and all that....
Here's to ya, :beer:
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