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Anybody use the TechLine Titanium coating?

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I've seen Devi's stin black, but wondering what the Ti ceramic coating looks like in color and texture - I kinda like the blued-stainless look of the stock, so is the Ti coating goldish in tint? Pics appreciated...
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Unfortunately, the Ti coating looks more like a light gray:
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Well, that's not so bad, I don't guess - the sacrifices we make in the name of performance...
Titanium is dull gray by nature. You get those rainbow colours when it heats up.
Ya - it depends on the surface treatment - polished Ti is gorgeous! (see

Looks like Techline has a "Stainless" Colorguard ceramic coating now, sold with polish - waiting for them to email me a photo...
The colors available include chrome-like, stainless, titanium, cast iron, satin black, and blue. They are working on red as well. They used to offer a flat white coating as well, but I have not seen it in years.

If you look at the link below the photo of the header, several colors are shown.
My question is which type of coating is the most durable over time, color stable, less suseptible to chipping from road grit, etc.....
They are all fairly durable, but ceramics by nature are brittle and susceptible to chipping by a hard enough blow.

I have not had issues with the black on other bikes.
I wonder if the Ti colour could be polished? In the description for the chrome coloured coating they talk about polishing it.

Ordered a 4oz. bottle of the Stainless coating w/polish last nite - I'll post pics next week when this is all done!
I cannot speak for the Ti colored coating, but the cermachrome has a heavy layer on the outside when it cures that needs to be polished to get the shiny appearance.
Ah, so the chrome one has an extra layer that is polished? It's not the base ceramic coating?

When it cures, the Cermachrome outside oxidizes to a whitish color that polishes well with steel wool, or in a vibrating tumbler with mild media.
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