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Anyone NOT been out for a ride yet this year?

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Just wondering as the weather here in mid Michigan has taken a hard turn for the better these last few days. My wife is bitching at me right now... something along the lines of "there is so much more you could be doing right now, blah, blah, blah" as I type while in bed. I'll show her. See if she gets any tonight.

Anyway, I've put about 400 miles riding to nowhere in particular over these last few days. ;D I'm wondering if there is anyone out there still waiting for their first ride of the season?
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Andhedrew said:
I'll show her. See if she gets any tonight.
i've haven't been out for a proper ride yet,only commuting, waitin for a good 400 mile saturday, that's what i really could use.
MAYBE tomorrow. It should be within a week at least. I'm about to start killing people.
Gonna pick her up out of storage today Andy. Thats the plan anyway, unless it's raining. Wont hurt her to stay dry another day but i want her home with daddy. Anyway, plan is to pick her up from Hickeys around noon.
We set record highs last weekend, 86 degrees & sunny. Azaleas & dogwoods are blooming. Got a nice ride in Saturday up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Then went to a friends birthday party and didn't get home till 4 AM. Needless to say I wasn't much good on Sunday. Just washed the car & tried to not make any sudden moves.

This is the second time the cops came to the party on a noise complaint. The birthday girl was trying to shove dollars in his shirt.
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72 deg and breezy today. Just knocked off another 200 miles to nowhere.

Gotta pick the kids up from daycare or I'd meet ya at Hickey's Lars. Have fun... its a NICE day today.

By the way - I gave it to the ol' lady anyway. Today I'm going to have to hear her bitchin about my pawning the kids off on daycare on my day off to go riding. But it was worth it. See if she gets any tonight! :laugh:
Any what? You guys are so criptic! women are easy just butter em up and rollem up then they taste so good!
10 day forecast...its tuff living in FL....though there are....well....NO curved roads....soo...guess itsa toss-up
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We went today. Here's some pics after we put 35 miles on. Brrrrrr. Incidentally, the ice stops 100' from my house. Were not as crazy as this picture might suggest.

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Man, I hope, hope that your pictures are from the back yard or something. Jeez, I thought it sucked here, in Minnesota. I guess there's always somplace that sucks a bit more!
looks like ya need to get some of dem der stubby tires
I have an Uncle who lived in Anchorage back in the late 70's. He rode an RD350 daily for over 7 years and 350,000 miles (!!!). The only time he wouldn't ride was if it was icy. Snow didn't bother him.

350,000 miles = 14 top ends, 4 total rebuilds, many many seizures. He rode hard.

Yes, the man is a fruitcake. It takes a special kind of person to ride an RD350 between Alaska and Washington state.

In the 80's he had two 920 Viragos, each of which clocked up over 125,000 miles. Of course they weren't good for much after that. Now he's old and lives in a motorhome, and doesn't even own a bike.
Hey... where the hell did you find Triumphs in Alaska anyway? ???
[EDIT] Damn, website's down. They deal Triumphs, Ducatis, Kawasakis, KTMs, Moto Guzzis, and BMW's.
that's an awesome pic alaska, i feel fer ya man. Glad to see ya still got her out though. ;D
2788 miles from Jan-07 to Now!!!  :gayaway:
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