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Well, I finally got my Zard full system installed and, as expected, it's backfiring like a mofo. I just spent all my money on pipes, so I'm looking for a Triumph map till I can find the scratch for a Tuneboy. My local dealer is willing to load the TORS map for 15 bucks, but they were very confused when I asked for the Arrow full system map instead. Does anyone know the part number for that map so I can point them in the right direction?

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old post but ill chime in

ive got the full zard , early import without the integral precat, i had the arrow tune installed and am satisfied till i get my tuneboy key , i have a tuneboy cable and a couple of tunes .

search on trat , i gave a breakdown on how to use a couple of bolts to shut off the sai, i plan to put on block offs and remove it completly after the warranty is up.

as to the arrow tune , i am running a little rich in the midrange , between 4 and 6 k rpm , but im hardly in that range i like the 7 to 9s

of cours mods mean im not riding , and im trying to get 10 miles this last year of my warranty , thinking about buying an extended but not sure.
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