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Arrow or Zard

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I'm thinking of getting an arrow or zard full system since they are having a group buy on the zard and I have found the arrow for about $100 more. Which is the better choice between these two performance wise?
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Devious2xs said:
I recently talked to Bob at Chain Reaction about a single, low mount silencer. He is interested. It will be dyno tuned to length and a Tuneboy tune will be available - with or without the CR header.
I can't wait to see some results from this! Curious of the look too. Hurry up Bob!!! ;D
speedrox said:
Corse, where did you find the pricing on the Arrow, I cannot find any deals.
not a steal, but cheaper than retail...
Bucket said:
One of these would be better. ::)
here ya go Bucket... ;D

Pics of Bucket's mighty fine look'n can... ;D

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1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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