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Arrows Tune for Zard bikes.

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Put Trumpy's Arrows tune in the bike (with full Zard) today, as the previous tune was giving me about 30mpg (imperial).
Am pretty sure the bike should give a few more mpg's. I can't be driving THAT fast over here.

First impressions are good, response is good and power is there too.
If this tune gives good mpg (gotta run a couple of tanks first) then I'll prolly have the bike on the dyno and try fine tune it for the Zard and BMC airfilter.
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How does running the Zard with the baffle in affect performance? Would the Arrow tune or the TORS tune be ok or is the baffle to much of a restriction? Of course, I am probably the only one still running the baffle because I don't want to piss off all my neighbors :gayaway: !
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