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Kia ora geezers,

I've been looking hard at the 1050 (2005+) S3's and quite fancy that skinny little arse-end they have. As far as I can tell, it looks as though it might be possible to take all those 1050 bits and bolt them on to my 2003 S3 (seat, side covers and read guards etc) without too much trouble.

Has anyone done this without having to modify the frame's hardpoints?

Thinking about it, what parts are interchangable between the 1050 and 955?

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cheapbastard said:
well, I'm not sure what all needs to be done... but it can be done. ;D
That's not a 1050 ass. It's the original by Carlo Whatshisnameagain, on which the 1050 is visually based on.

Was available as a kit from italian Triumph distributor ~5 years ago. Might be impossible to source today.
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