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Baby Triple

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Ok I know there's a plethora of postings and information on the other site, but I don't want to go there. Anybody remember when the expected launch is and what the MSRP is?

If any of you recall, I've bene looking for a bike for my wife, Looked at some Duc monster 620's and some SV's. She liked the Duc, but when I showed her the pic of the (possible) Baby speed.... She wants it. So I'll probably end up getting her a Ninja 250 or some other REALLY cheap bike to ride till Baby Speed comes out.
Here's the pic BTW, I don't know if that's what it'll be like (I'm sure they'll do the engine all black like It's Daddy's) But the wifey liked it a lot, even in the nasty yellow paint!
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I didn't realize that triumph had 'officially' put out a release date on it yet.
I havn't heard an exact date, but someone was saying it would be this fall or winter sometime. and I think it was MSRP'd at 7,999?
I've heard those rumors too Jpip, don't know fer sure or not, but I've heard it. :popcorn:
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