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Back in the fold !

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I've previously owned a 1999 S3 which was the first with the 955 engine. It had Wolf underseat pipes and was an awesome bike. I found it impractical for long distance work as the exhaust system meant I couldn't fit soft luggage.After a marathon 5 days in Scotland using a heavy rucksack I decided to go for a sensible Sprint. Good bike but too bland. Had a Daytona Centennial and then a Tiger for 2 up touring but always hankered for another S3.All I could remenber was the permanent grin. I would have liked a 1050 but with 2 kids who are students there was no way. So today I bought a 2003 Roulette Green S3 with carbon can etc. 120 miles has shown me what I've been missing ! These bikes are fantastic. So now I have 3 Trumpets - a Tbird (owned for 11 years) a Tiger and now the S3. It's a tight squeeze in the garage....
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Interestig story. Welcome back to the S3.
:wave: ^ ignore that stupid c*@t
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:wtf: Seems like Limey is getting a bit nostalgic lately. :popcorn:
Nostalgic? I thought he was just feeling old.
I like the green. Only other color I would want is the flat black. Loved it on my last bike. I may get a second set of plastic so I can have both.
I thought this was harley's new strap-on thread................ ???
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