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well, after the server got moved, and not being notified, and having some Turkish noobs aparently use an exploit to mod the the site..


but it appears we lost a few weeks of posts, and registrations.. I apologize for the issues. and unfortunatly the data is a total loss. But the good news is we are back online and running amok again! cheers..
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damn turks! Thanks for getting us back up cata! ;D 

ps - can we kick Tracker off now and just act like it had something to do with the server? ;)
Thanks for the work! Even if everything after Aug 15 was lost.
kuhlka was telling me we lost some good info from RaceComp maybe we can get them to repost...good tech info is hard to find especially with you lot!
Do you really expect my little brain to remember the details of what was posted? Not a chance! ;)
Yeah, I didn't even understand half the motor talk you guys were doing, but I remember comments about Nikasil liners and two-strokes.
I can't believe you lost all of my infinite words of wisdom. I guess we'll have to start talk'n about a salary for me to re-post of all my insightful information! ;D
In a few hours Racecomp will wake up and we will be back at the tech posts again.

Maybe he has had time to pull the head from his spare 1050 engine by now. I have been waiting for the photos.
the TRACKER is here to stay :-*. I have never had a problem with a waitress so I can't help you with your server ;D ;D. See i told you i know ALL about this computee stuff :D :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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