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Was happin guys, I have a great deal lined up for an 05 Speed Triple, but it would be my first Bike. I have ridden dirt bikes a bit and own a quad, not saying they are close to the same but the clutch and throttle shouldn't be a problem. Am I committing suicide by choosing this bad ass bike as my first. I certainly plan on taking my time getting to know her and getting comfortable riding while slowly working up in skill level. What do ya think? Thanks

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I rode a slow ass Honda 550 for about two months before buying my speedy. A also drove a Kawa 750 a month or so. Neither did much to prepare me for this monster. But as I'm still here I would have to say that you "could" do just fine. Just beware of the power in this thing. I almost killed myself a couple of times and I am a responsible driver....well as responsible as you can get on these things.
Just take it very slow and get to know the bike. If you know you're own limitations than you'll probably do just fine!
Rock on! :d:
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