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Ok guys here goes again......What in the hell is this abortion called a BIGDOG that is always around when I leave work! Last night he pulled up next to me, I looked over and he did not even nod! what a jerk! I was gonna tell him his puke ugly piece of shit was rather neat but then said screw it!
Light changed and him and his car tire on the back took off with a ground shakin vibration and noise I felt thru my teeth. Ok what a dick so he is up about three car lengths. I let her all out and gave her free reign.....what a rush.....not only did I smoke his ass but when I went buy I made it a point to look his way and SMILE!........Found out later that they are about 30,000 dollars! No freaking way for a piece of shit like that....Only a absolute dick brained shrimp dick with more money than he realy has would spend something like that amount on a bike that can't get out of its own way. Any hey did I metion that the guy was a real dick?......sean
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Its an overpriced Harley.

I have several friends with them. They are nothing special.
Devi wants to trade his race boat fer a Big Dog. :twofinger:
cheapbastard said:
Devi wants to trade his race boat fer a Big Dog. :twofinger:
:devil: :devil: :devil:

The offer was made to take the Big Dog and cash in trade for the boat - still less than what I am asking. I laughed out loud, and turned him down.
AaUuuuGaa! said:
Was he a dick?
Nope. Actually a nice guy. Just trying to pawn off the bike on me... can't say I blame him for trying. :)

I have a couple of friends with Bid Dogs AND sport bikes. Not dicks either.

But maybe I'm a dick and they just don't bother me. ;)
Yeah, wtf. He could have gotten a 1098 Tricolore AND $5k in sick gear or custom bling for that bish! I'd probably go for the MV Agusta Senna though.
Big Dog or Big Hog? One freaking letter different. What a joke!
"For the motorcycling enthusiast who's ready to break out of the mass market pack...."

From dentist to bad ass mofo in $30K

[EDIT] Also, under features: Agressive, hardcore design.

At least they didn't call it eXtreme.
Alaska, Isn't that kinda like Cheap on a moped?
Meh, they are just overpriced parts book assemblies. Off the shelf S&S engines, etc. It really pisses those guys off when my rigid frame bar hopper gets more attention, is faster and cost only $7K for me to build myself. They REALLY get pissy when they find that my engine is smaller than theirs, amazing what you can do with some attention to detail and good heads. Of course, it can't compete with Speedy for sheer fun or corners.
yep mini mass marketing of the "bad boy biker" image..

I'd rather build one myself...
milq said:
...amazing what you can do with some attention to detail and good heads.
+100 :smitty:

Catahoulabulldog said:
yep mini mass marketing of the "bad boy biker" image..

I'd rather build one myself...
I rode a friends Big Dog It was surprisingly fast when short shifted... I may have been at the red line but it felt like short shifting.

Turning was quite an adventure and the whole hard tail thing doesn't work for me.
forget trying to see the speedo... Just a blur.

Couldn't wait to get off the thing... Glad I didn't spend $30K, cause it would be for sale.
one of my coworkers has a big dog chopper black with red flake S&S 124" motor and a six speed it is by far one of the best looking bikes ive ever seen and it is QUICK beat my 70hp seca 2(only wieghed 380 wet)but it is TRUElY a dog in corners and by far overpriced and it has had a pretty good track record of breaking down almost every bike run he goes on...BTW after he optioned out every thing it was 42,500 bucks...I definatly woulda got the ducati!!!!!
$42,500.00 WOW I would have paid off speedy, my house and bought the Electra Glide Bagger.
What never ceases to amaze me is that we riders are the target of endless hate and loathing from cagers, yet as a group we all get up on our own little high horse and waive our dicks at all the other bikes out there.

To the original poster, remember 95% of the jap bikes of similar displacement can do to you exactly what you did to the big dog. We ride a bike that is more about style and attitude than performance, just like the Harley riders. Get over yourself.
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