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Big pictures.....

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I love this site it's no BS.... However I'm a big fan of high res pictures, there is nothing more disappointing than a low res picture!!!! Is it possible to post medium or high res pictures up on this site? I personally have loads of top notch high res pictures that I would be happy to post if we can set it up......

Also are there any plans for a photo gallery link on the site? If one is already available then I have not found it yet!!!!

Keep up the good work....... This site is well cool.........
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welcome, you make some beautiful stuff, nothing but HI res would do ;D. There is actually a gallery, it's currently hidden as it just isnt stable.. I am working on adding new areas to the site, hopefully a more stable gallery isnt to far behind.
Cool mate, stability is the first step.......... Falling over is not good..Keep up the good work mate it's paying off.........
Cat....where is this gallery at?
APtech77 said:
Cat....where is this gallery at?
he said it was hidden ya big dummy! :violent1: ;D
Its here, its just not right, basically anyone could post ANYTHING :jerkoff:
It should tie into the rest of the site but it doesn't... so ill keep hammering at it, if you want to post something just email it to me ill host it were not even close to bandwidth usage here..

untill then

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dang cata, don't ever hide anything like that from us again! :shocker:

I ne to go...... :jerkoff:, THX Cat
I want to hide the salami (come on funnie feelin)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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