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bike won't i need to go to work tomorrow!!!

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i just pulled the plugs, they were black and a bit wet. i brushed them off and still no go. the bike just cranks and cranks...
it started earlier today, ran shitty, then i shut it off (i was unloading it from the moving van.) then i tried a few minutes ago to re start it and it cranked up once, stumbled a lot, then shut of when i tried to rev it up a bit...

anyone anyone?
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Mine was getting harder and harder to start til I removed the tip over valve or whatever its called, it was pretty much blocked. If I open the gas tank it helped. Don't know if this is related or not but I thought I'd throw it out there.
i think i'm actually having exactly the opposite problem with too much gas... my plugs seem to be soaked... bleh.
1) Were all the plugs equally black and wet, or just one?

2) What year bike is it?

3) Any mods? e.g. exhaust, K&N, PowerCommander?

4) Have you checked for mouse nests or other obstructions in the airbox?

5) Any blown fuses or other obvious electrical damage?
I'm sure you checked the kill switch, right. ;D
Mine had problems starting until i let the clutch lever out slightlt one day,awat she went.Maybe try your clutch lever at different distances away from handgrip when starting,was told it's a faulty switch,still haven't got around to changing it yet. :violent1:
it were fuel soaked plugs. i pulled them out again and torched them for a few seconds. got a nice little puff of flame off of one!

it started up after that, ran bad for a few seconds, then let out a little backfire and settled down.

crashmasterd said:
4) Have you checked for mouse nests or other obstructions in the airbox?
heh, yeah, i had the plugs out once already. if you know how to pull them without removing the air box i'd sure like to know!!! :)

i'll be changing my plugs in the next week or so (whenever i get back from work.) $5.95 ea at autozone.

hope i don't get banned for posting that link... oh wait, this is the sane people forum.
Just how carboned up are the plugs?

It sounds like the problem is excess fuel.

The MAP sensor usually adds fuel if the when the throttle is opened, but it may go into a default rich condition if the lines are left unplugged from the bottom of the tank, or on the throttle body. Check this.

Also I have seen engine temp sensors do this same thing when they are unplugged or fail.

If you cannot find a decent price on the CR9EK stock plugs, try
The CR9EK is $6.23 each plus shipping
The CR9EIX iridium is $6.95 each
And the IU27 and IU27a are $11.99 each.
I had the exact same problem when I bought mine (@1475 miles). First time I tried to start it the battery was a little weak, so I twisted the throttle. Bad idea. These bikes flood pretty easily. I had to pull the plugs (they were black) and file the electrodes with a fingernail file. After that it was no problem. I guess it had sat for a long time before I bought it. Someone else told me never start it unless you plan on riding it long enough to get the engine cooking.
dfib: no, i'm "hoostine" over "there" ;)

plugs were fuel soaked, i took them out once, dried them a bit, rubbed it with a wire brush, reinstalled them and had no luck. took them BACK out again, this time i hit them with my Guiness Pint shaped torch lighter and hotted them up a bit. then i re-wire brushed them, cleared out the cylinders while the plugs were out(rotated the engine a few(2) times), and reinstalled them. bike started immediately, stumbled a bit as it burned out the fuel and then popped(small backfire) and straightened out. been riding it ever since with no problems.

i found the plugs at the local autozone or something for $5.95 for cr9ek. i'm going to change them with my oil this weekend. local moto dealer(not triumph) only sells amsoil so amsoil it is.

also, devi, i did check and re-check all the lines when i re-installed the tank...
plus, with that tune i have loaded, my bike is skipping the front wheel along in second till 8k then it comes right up. wheeeee!!!
There was a guy "over there" who had the exact same problem!

Glad to hear you got everything sorted, and it sounds like she's running well now! :drink:
Great to hear you are up and RUNNING. ;D

The plugs are the biggest issue on these bikes. When you replace them, spray something in the plug wells to help prevent corrosion.

The new tune will keep the plugs cleaner than the stock tunes.

Then ride it like it was meant to be ridden. :smitty:

Also, try adding a 1/4 bottle of Gummout Regain to the fuel (clear bottle with amber colored fluid - available at auto stores or Walmart). It will help reduce the carbon in the cylinders. Use 1/4 bottle once each month to keep it clean and running well.
i noticed all the corrosion in the plug well. maybe wd40 or something?

i do ride it like i mean it now. i finally get to commute to work! 1 hour each way down windy back roads in a state with No Pursuit laws! yay :devil:
WD-40 really doesn't protect well.

I use CorrosionX, but there are several good products available. Even battery terminal corrosion preventer will work.
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