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I'm looking for support from owners of this bluetooth module who are unhappy with the display change after getting the Triumph dealer to activate the module. It pretty much just uses the street triple display, which is nowhere as nice as the original speed triple one, or alternately people who don't want to buy one because of the display change.
I am currently emailing "[email protected]" who are responsible for the app, I'm hoping that there are others that feel the same way and with enough support they can maybe change it to be more like the 1200 RS which looks so much better. This the email I sent:
"Why can’t the 18-20 RS models use the my triumph connectivity interface that the 1200 RS uses as opposed to the street triple base one that is the current version? Is there a possibility that this could occur in future updates, or is it possible to flash the 1200 software on the 1050 RS?
The common theme on many forums is that people while agree the app and ability to navigate/music/call etc is great, the loss of what was a great interface prior to the update to the street triple one is a real concern. One member on the speed triple forum is trying to give the module away for free, if the other person will swap displays."

See the photos below one is the new 1200 RS and the other is the 1050 RS after the bluetooth activation from Triumph, you decide which one looks better.
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