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Braking Wave Rotors

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Well, PJ's finally got my wave rotors in from Braking. Seems there was a backorder and they had to do a totally new run of rotors as they hadn't run a set in a long while. I should have them early next week. Can't wait to compare the weight difference between stock and wavy...

Oh, I got them via special order with PJ's. They said they might start carrying them, but weren't sure just yet. Awesome communication and assistance all around from PJ's. Gonna get my Rizoma rearsets and other bits from them in the coming months.
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Don't know how true all this is but;

BRAKING have invented the WAVE disk (see the photo) and, in doing so, have revolutionised the concept of braking. Thanks to several studies regarding deformation of metallic material and heat dissipation, BRAKING have increased the limit of the performance of stainless steel discs. Today a lot of teams use the Wave disks for racing, the same disks that are sold by our dealers.
All the BRAKING discs are made from stainless steel with a high percentage of carbon that has a high friction coefficient. The round discs, front and rear, keep the same measurements of the OEM disks, with more performance.
Braking wave discs are available fixed or floating in accordance with the OEM or update to the OEM oversize.
The floating discs of the STX series have the carriers made of black oxidized aluminium. The wave disks are available for (the) most of the bikes sold from the nineties in street category, off-road and scooter.

-More friction coefficient. (how?)

-Better resistance to the heat.

-More initial braking power. (well, if they cool off quicker due to the grooves and reduced mass, this makes sense)

-More feeling on the lever. (eh? How?)

-Better handling. (on top of the GSXR front end and improved rake'n'trail this should be nutty)

-Less weight. (makes for easier wheelies?)
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hi kuhlka I have been running braking wave rotors for three years now, the brakes are better than standard you get better feel at the Lever because they are 5 mm thick and stock is 4.5 mm thick
Very cool. Thanks for the note. I can't wait to get these suckers on the bike!
how much $$$??
I can't say. Really. I can't say, but PJ's seriously hooked me up.
Got the rotors today in the mail and will install them tonight. Photos to come!
Didn't get a chance to bolt down the front calipers yet. Need to use some anti-sieze compound on the Ti bolts. Gonna rip into my electrical for the guages project now. Think I'll go ahead and get the wheels coated red this winter since that kamikaze bird pretty much ruined the paint on the front wheel and I plan to eventually coat the rest of the bike in black.

Oh, and my little sticker mod;
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Beautiful Rob.
I was at Jack Lilley's last month. They had Galfer waveys @ £175 EACH. I thought that a bit too much so I didn't bother.
Carpimoto has the Braking version fro Euro 200, a bit more reasonable but still plenty $$$.
Nice look - including the stickers.
Well, I'm thinking if PJ's Parts starts carrying them they'll have a competitive price. Right now most places sell them for $250-300 EACH for the fronts. I think if PJ's were to sell them for $450-500 for the front, they'd sell well. I did mine via special order with them and they have phenomenal customer service. Very pleased with their service and will be buying my Rizoma rearsets and other bits from them this fall/winter.
wow, those look bad to the bone,,, do bad about the sticker shock,, i think i'll mill some out of some tin cans i'll weld together. that should work well
Hello all!! Kuhlka pointed me over here... let us know if you need a set of these.. I don't think you'll find anyone to touch our prices!
You guys are one of the few companies I know of who even sell the helmet mohawks! Awesome company.
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