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Bravely trying to post a pic of my S3

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Is that thing cool or what?
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Very cool. I've got the same color bike. What bars do you have on it? I've purchased some Woodcraft clipons but can't bring myself to switch out the old bars. I like the lower, more aggressive look you've got there. ;)
They are very simply the stock Daytona clip ons. Thanks for the compliment. I just got my Radiator covers and I am working a deal to get a rear seat cowl. I'll post another pic when I get further along.
Man, You can spend a small fortune on goodies. Here is mine with CRG Mirrors, Pazzo Levers, SkyKing Sliders and Fender Eliminator,and Rizoma Covers. I am awaiting a Rizoma Billet Fluid Reservoir from PJ's and am about to order a polished stainless Trident high mount exhaust from Peter at Wolf. My wife is beginning to think she should have just let me buy a Harley (this bike was the alternative as it was suppose to save HER a bunch of moolah). I'm glad things worked out the way they did... this bike is sweet! ;)

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Pshh, Harleys are thousands more and have 100x the parts availability. Its easy to dump 20k into a Harley. You'd probably have to dump 30k into a sportster to even come close to the S3's handling and power in stock form...
It's funny. My brother and all my buddies are riding Harleys and Custom Choppers. I was looking for a Buell XB9S when I came across the first Speed Triple I'd ever seen in person at a Harley dealership while on vacation. That was all she wrote. Started researching triples and never looked back.

My buddies are kind of envious as they all skipped the "sport" bike stage and went right from dirtbikes to Harleys (bunch of followers). I've got to say that this S3 get all kinds of attention from all sorts of people. I know everyone says that but you just don't see these bikes where I live. There are only 3 Triumph dealers in this state and none within a hundred miles.

Can't wait to get the aftermarket can on though. Looking forward to the growl. A guy came up next to me on a Buell XB9R yesterday... I love the sound that bike makes. But you can't argue with the performance comparisons between mine and his!

Sorry to hijack your post here leggeman. Hope the pics of my bike with the cowl are useful. Right after I posted last I went to Ebay because I'd seen a silver cowl up for auction. But it was ending 6 minutes later. Keep an eye out there. Deals DO come up now and then.
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You made the right decision concerning the S3 and Buell.
I am not offended in any way. That is one sweet S3. If you notice I took off my reflectors on the forks and on the rear fender. Big improvement. I saw you have them on. Just trying to help.
Oh by the way, watch out for kuhlka he will help you spend money. He sold me an intergrated taillight for a great price. He always has stuff to turn over.
Yeah, Kuhlka seems to be everywhere at once. Thanks for the compliment though I think we seem to be of the same taste in bikes! I actually did take off the reflectors... after I took those pics. I am waiting for the exhaust and fluid reservoir before I do a photo update.

My wife has cut off my accessory fundage so my bike is going to have to be complete once the Trident and reservoir arrive. Or until I find a way to make some purchases on the sly. PayPal is awesome for that... just sell a couple of things on Ebay and bank the money in the ol' PayPal account that the wife has no clue how to access! ;) I'd like to get my hands on some braided brake and clutch lines.
I started out with a silver bike and I actually still have the stock silver tank and a silver t595 tail on my shelf in case I ever want to switch back to silver. I'll probably get that set repainted though. Gonna use that tank and tail as the models for making carbon fiber parts, hehe. I'm seriously thinking about making a full top CF tank pad for the 02-04 tank... It'd be stupidly easy and probably look awesome, especially if I made a tank cover using diamond plate like the black one a did a while back.

Hey, if you guys want to host a set of pics of your bikes, I upgraded my hosting to 1Gb. I'm only using like 100mb right now. I'd create a folder using your username and upload the pics to it so it'd be something like
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I have the same bike as soon as I figure out how to send a picture I will. My bike has all the goodies that Triumph has to offer and more makes quit the piece to look at. Only if it didn't burn so much oil
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I was here first, bugger off :nana:
troy5118 said:
I was here first, bugger off :nana:
You're still shrimp food. You haven't the authority to bust newbie balls yet. Maybe when you're older... and have experienced some real abuse... or when you've been initiated into the joys of Bucket anal roo-sex... then MAYBE you'll be ready. But I doubt it.

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Troy, have you experienced the joy of Dblhelx' gentle lovin'? No? Then you're not ready. :dslap:
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Good looking bike but Green is Faster.
Uncle Dude said:
Troy, have you experienced the joy of Dblhelx' gentle lovin'? No? Then you're not ready. :dslap:
It sounds like UD speaks from experience...
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