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British Bike gathering,Washington`s Crossing, PA.

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April 15th .
This is the 15th annual gathering of the Nortons and Triumphs.They meet at Washingtons Crossing Park on the Deleware River from 10:00-2:00
I`ll be there with my new Speedy I pick up tomorrow.
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if the weather is nice i will meet up with you 8)
The Annual Gathering of the Nortons will be once again held on the 3rd Sunday of April (15 April 2007), from 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM, at Washington's Crossing Park, Washington's Crossing, Pennsylvania. Please note that this year, unlike last year, there is a rain date (22 April 2007), and that food will be available (versus having to ride to Rolling Hills Farm for a barbeque). For those of you who have not attended any of the 13 previous gatherings, be prepared to see some remarkable, lovingly crafted and maintained machines, both historic and current. Need directions? 'Tis dead easy: go to the Washington's Crossing NJ-PA Bridge, and just look for the hydrogenbomb sized black mushroom cloud of smoke. Or, from the same bridge, just flip up your visor and follow the unique acrid aroma of burning Lucas electrical components. Or, again from the same bridge, simply follow the Exxon Valdez inspired oil slick to said location. Then again, you could follow the fellow attempting to bump start his Manx, but that would take a while, heh heh. Enough nonsense. \ For more detailed directions / information, here's the URL:
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Raindate is April 22nd
FYI - This event has officially been postponed a.s per their site to the raindate: APRIL 22nd
BigRedandRiding said:
FYI - This event has officially been postponed a.s per their site to the raindate: APRIL 22nd
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