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broken plug

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I was pulling the plugs out this evening in search of a power problem, and wallah, i found it. I pulled out the last spark plug and the tip of it is gone (the curvy part the spark hits).
So I'm guessing it'd be in the cylinder still right??
I'd say it's been 2-3 months of daily driving since i've had this power problem. That can't be a good thing huh? FACK!

I gotta rip the top end off and get it don't I?
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First make sure is broke off (likely) and didn't burn off from detonation (rare without other damage).

If the part is in the engine it could score the bore wall, imbed in the piston or head, or bend a valve.
If you have, or have access to, a bore scope you can look inside the cylinder for the plug tip and any possible damage.But it looks like the head will have to come off to make sure.

Sorry to hear about your problem.  :(
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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