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So my bike has been outta commision since November which I'm sure all of you know by now and my buddy and I (he's a caterpiller echanic) took it apart to see whats up. I had been told by 4 mechanics (none triumph certified, 1 almost) that it was 100% rod knock. Upon engine deconstruction, my friend and I discovered a single broken valve spring. :violent1: Our schedules are COMPLETELY conflicting, and I dont trust myself with engine work due to lack of experience (I'm only 20). What should I expect to pay if I have this remedied at a shop? There is a shop down the road that specializes in engine rebuilds but they charge 85 per hour.
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You need to pull the head to get a good look at the valve and piston. If everything is good it is a small job replaceing the spring. I would guess 4-6 hours for the whole thing. The shop can tell you for sure. Depending on how many miles are on the bike it may be a good idea to freshen up the valve job while you're in there.
I would guess that you'd want to replace all the valve springs, or at the minimum the broken one and it's pair.
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