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Cagers starting crap

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What a dumbass, I felt inclined to join and leave a message of my own.
Shawn must be modding over there too, topic gone!
Dfib said:
Shawn must be modding over there too, topic gone!
:laugh: I just noticed that, dang it, I didn't git to read it! :horse:
it was some jackass talking about how he saw a bike coming up that was gonna split lanes, then on purpose closed in closer to the car next to him so the guy couldnt get passed and he just talked about being an asshole in general. most people left comments like, if that were me on the bike i would have followed you home and killed your babies mama, etc.
What an asshole.
i see that shit from time to time. my philosophy is "you might lose a rear view mirror pal"... :)

-- because we lane-split, YOU are waiting in a shorter line. soome just don't git it.
I think more bikers posted on there than the NEON ass's I think it got pulled because some bikers found a thread that organized a group picnic and threatened to drop in on the neons.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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