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Cam Timing?

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Has anyone tried alternate cam timing on their 1050 engine?

I have recently purchased a set of Falicon adjustable cam gears and am planning on trying a few alterations to the stock settings.
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What did you decide to do on this? I had some PC based engine performance software years ago that had cam timing as one of the variables. Don't even remember the name of it but something like that may give you an estimate.
I have a couple of software packages I use regularly - Dynomation works well. The problem is I do not have flow numbers for the stock head with intake/throttle body - YET. So I am using flow numbers from the 955i heads, which should be close.

The results show keeping the stock positioning for the exhaust cam, and advancing the intake cam 4 degrees. I will confirm this on the dyno soon.

I plan on spending a lot of time on the dyno working on cam timing and venturi length and volume.
I'm pretty sure it'll make interesting reading.
I have been playing with cam timing on my 2005 S3. What normally works for many bikes - retarding the intake cam - gives a little boost above 9000 rpm. This is good for dyno numbers, but not for riding.

Advancing the intake cam gives a nice little boost to the low and mid range - right where we spend most of our time.

The latest engine modeling results seem to indicate that widening the lobe centers 10 degrees (advancing the intake cam 5 degrees, and retarding the exhaust cam 5 degrees) will give a nice boost to the entire powerband up to 8500 rpm, but hurt 9000+. I am going to try this for the next dyno session and report back.

I may be able to play with intake length (adjusting the velocity stack length) to get the best of both worlds.
I love reading about this but what I wouldn't give to be there helping out and learning a few things.
If you plan on being in the Birmingham, AL area, let me know. We can learn together.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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