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Can't get the headlights back together...

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Yeah I know. I'm an idiot.

Somebody help me out here. I thought I was good at puzzles but this headlight thing is obviously over my head. I just can't figure out how I get those 3 parts fit together, the bucket, that metal ring and the lamp itself.

Which part goes where and in which order? ??? :eek: :violent1:

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Someone forgot how they took it apart. ;)

For the front, put harness (and grommet) through hole in back of housing. Push/pull grommet into place. Pull harness through until reflector is in place.

Work bezel clamp ring over housing (making damn sure you don't scratch the fresh powder-coating).

Rotate clap ring so that the screws go on bottom, and can be tightened from outside (ie. one left, one right).

Clear as pond water, right?
The "finishing ring" (the round metal part with the notches on the inside and outside) goes first. The two outside notches fit into the headlight bucket toward the top. Next, connect the electrics to the lamp. Then connect the lamp to the inside notches of the finishing ring. (If the lamp looks upside down, you have the finishing ring facing the wrong way, fron to back). Hold it in place as you carefully stretch the outside ring over the lamp and bucket, smaller diameter toward the front, opening at the bottom. It should feel right when it is in place. Then put the screw through and tighten it down. Pic it you need it.
Ooh.. I think I get it now :)

It might be that I put the buckets upside down... ;D I need to check it out tomorrow.
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