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Hey Boyz (& Girlz),

Just thought I'd pop in to see what trouble you all were up to.

Let me know if the big guy giving you any trouble ;)

Little Cat (aka: Cat Woman)

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See Honey,

I'm making new friend already! I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about. ;D

Thanks for the welcome guys!

Little C :wave:

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Wow, I feel so welcome. Don't worry I tell anyone's wife what's going on around here. You have to keep in mind that I was bound to join the group with the "Big Dog" being here so much! For those who want thier girls on bikes, tell them there's nothing like riding a triple! Just to let Bucket know, I still think the "ride naked" shirt is an oxymoron--but thanks for sending it! :p


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Devi and Limey... :finger: Lil' C, glad to have ya aboard. ;D So all of these nice warm welcomes and not one of ya's ask fer any pics?!? :wtf: So how 'bout it Lil' C, got any good pics? Atleast in the ride naked tee! :popcorn:

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