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Cbr Honder Shit never looked so good on a bike, Special thanks to billt the Hooligan, He made these guys fit, a little grinding, cutting, drilling and get-er-don attitude, Also I got four for the price of two or less plus free instale, What do ya think

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Thanks Cata, What a bunch of bitchs, Fuck the hoses
Bich's hoses are that color because they still have a little bit of cosmolene on them. I good washing with 'Scrubbing Bubbles' bathroom cleaner, and they'll be good as new.

Sliders are Vortex. Bases are for the CBR1000; pucks are universal.

If you want to go the four-slider route, it goes this way:

Left front - take out the motor mount bolt, bolt on the slider with its own bolt (same thread, 12mm x 1.25)

Right front - buy a 5 or 6" long, 12mm bolt and nut, and about an inch of spacer. Bolt on the slider with the new bolt and spacer. (Looks better than that flagpole on those other sliders)

Left rear - remove the stock bolt. Mount the slider with the Triumph bolt from the front right. (Vortex bolt is about 1/2" too long)

Right rear - straight swap out - just like the left front.

Pucks come in a bunch of colors - even YELLOW. If you go down, new pucks are about $18 ea.

Bich found that his sliders also make a great mount for his cheapass tank bag :devil:

(Remember - left side-clutch lever right side - brake :eboy:)
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