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Chain Reaction Exhaust

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Took the liberty of posting this for Bob.

Cheers Mates!

With the help of some very savvy ratsters I've worked out the bugs on the exhaust and should be shipping theirs around the end of this week or first of the next.

So if anyone else wants to dive in, the price is $850 + shipping. I have a web site now at There are pictures there as well.

I can be reached through this email or I have one for the site as well [email protected].

I really, REALLY hope to hear from you!

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Do you have a sound file?

Do the passenger pegs still fit?
That sounds great!!! 
Are the cans CF?? 
Need to re-map?

Looks like I need to start a CB style scheme to raise $850. 

How bout Tracker and CB pay me per photo to post female bike/clothing shots?
i have a pair coming, and you can't say enough about bob himself.
i'll post photos soon when they get here and on!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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