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Chain Reaction Shorty for New S3

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I havn't been hanging around here, but once I saw the :squid: how could I stay away!

Okay, thanks to a friendly nudge from another Bob, I worked this up last night. Who needs sleep anyway?

What do you think?

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Oh, crap!

Now you have me thinking about changing exhausts and dyno testing hi -vs- lo. ;) I Like it.
me likey :squid: how much fer a cheapbastard? ;) ;D
Cheapo! Either your slipping or this pipe is way cooler than I though. You asked how much right off. You generally start right out with some reason why I should give you a pipe!

Actually, I'm glad you asked.....because I'm not sure. Here's why: I just put it together to see if I'd even like it and because a lot of folks had said they'd be interested. Like Devious, I've been convinced the twin uppers was the only way to go. However, I find I kind of like it. So now I have to turn it into a product I know I (and you) can trust. The one remaining detail is how to make sure it doesn't blow off on the road and works for everyone. So maybe you blokes would like to chime in on the remaining issues:
  • I'd love to NOT have a bracket coming off the pipe because there's just no good place to run it, and it will add to the cost, and slow down the whole process
  • I haven't ridden with it but may be able to today. I'm going to try it with a spring from the connector pipe to the end header bracket. If that works it'll be totally boss. I was going to weld the connector to the muffler but I think I'll leave it clamped. If this all works out, I can sell the connector pipe seperately for something like $60. Then anyone can have BOTH pipes if they like. If you already have my dual system you can just get the connector and use one of your current muffs. COOL HUH?

Anyway, if the spring connector works out, the final cost will be about $265.00 for the shorty system.

Questions? Comments? Funny stories?

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Bob, you are really screwing with my wants and needs. ;D
Oh yeah! And the price beats the M4.

Anybody wanna buy a set o' TORS in great shape?

Here's one small thought - any way to shorten the can? (I know, everybody wanted LONGER cans on the Tiger version). What I'm thinkin' is if you had a shorter can, you'd have less weight to support with the bracket or the spring-loaded gizmo.
Looking good. Just wish it was slightly beefier. And it won't stay there without support. Check out how the zard is mounted, looks good and shouldn't be too expensive to produce :)

I understand from production stand point the temptation to just use what you got and make it into new products. It's good and easy business. However as far as desiqn goes, you're taking big short cuts, which is not good because, let's face it, you're marketing a top notch DESIGN PRODUCT. So you shouldn't be making compromizes there. IMO :)
I always thought a shorty, should be short. I'm sure you don't want make a shorter pipe, but It might look even more bad ass. Plus, it would work for the tiger also.

Either way, I do like your not so short shorty.
I like it a lot and the price is just perfect. Now, the only question is, will you make it the '07??? I know, different mid-pipe, blah, blah, blah. But, that's what I have!!!!!

Let me know...
The issue of production cost is really not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is that you can't please all the people all the time. I take seriously the input I get here. In fact, if not for the help of a bunch of people here and trat, I never would have gotten started.

I had a few things that were top priority in my design, and everything else had to follow. Believe it or not, style was way down the list. The order is something like: Performance, compact size, weight, sound/volume, then some other stuff. (incidentally, you may have based your comment about the bracket being a must on the heft of some other cans, but mine only weighs around 4 lbs) The end result was great looking, reasonably priced, great performing muffler that I'm proud to sell. I could shorten my cans pretty easily, but they have a sound right now that, all by itself, is worth the price of admission. I don't want to mess with that. If you want a short fat muffler, go buy an M4 or any number of other products out there. I wouldn't dis any of them. Why should I copy what you can already get elsewhere?

What I primarily want to do here is address the concerns of folks who have been VERY supportive (thanks again) but wanted a different look.

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Does this mean the high system will go on sale?

How is the header project going? That would save me from screwing up my stock header when I mangle it trying to remove the precat.

I like you low system, but the high does it for me for some reason. The high system seems balanced in a feng sui kind of way.

Love the shape of the can, always have.....must save $$ for new pipes.
I understand the shorter pipe/sound thing. And I know others are already pleased with the weight reduction on the twin pipes - I'm thinking that with even less weight, and down lower, it would feel like a different bike.
It looks......loud. Love to hear the comparison between the high and low. :lurking: :police:
i think the idea is great, offer both high and low mounts. But (IMO) when it comes to low mounts, i prefer the can to be fatter and more stout (e.g., arrow).
I think it would look better if it was a tiny bit shorter and had more of an upward keel to it. IMO.
Maybe it could be a little bigger around, more "beefy". No offense :pow: This IS r&d, right? :popcorn:
Allllrighty then.

Just got back from a test ride. I liked it! And the Devious TB tune worked great. And the spring attachment worked perfectly, so no need to clutter things up with brackets.

I was a little overly optimistic in my first guess, but not too bad. Let's call it $279.00 and hope for the best. Its not on the website, and that needs to be fixed anyway, so if you're interested in an order just email me at [email protected].

I'm waiting on mufflers right now so if you want to order it would be at least a couple weeks.

As for the sound, if you listen to the on on the website its VERY close. Just w/o the sterio effect. And, oddly enough, and just judgeing from the saddle, it seems slightly quieter than the double.

And I'm not discontinuing the high/double. I still dig it mostest.

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