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Just saw on the newspeed3 website that there was a note in red stating that the chains don't fit on the S3 with the "new" exhaust. Looked over on Bob's site and there wasn't anything about that. Anybody know anything about this, and can you define "new" exhaust?
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I think its for the 07 speedy. Give Bob a call he will explain.
The later 2007 models have a different header, so they don't fit. Some of the earlier 2007 units use the same header as the 2005-2006 S3.
mine uses the old one...i think one way to tell is whether or not you have the funky heat shield near your foot peg
I have an early 2007 model, built July 06. It has the plastic gas tank, brushed aluminum muffler heat shields, and a chrome heat shield by the foot peg. I tried to call Bob today, but couldn't get a hold of him, gonna shoot him an email.
If you have the heat shield by the footpeg, you have the late header.

Bob is working on a header just for your issue. 8)
shit, so now what do I do in the meantime? someone send me 2 bananas for my roommate's exhaust
Roulettetriple said:
shit, so now what do I do in the meantime? someone send me 2 bananas for my roommate's exhaust
Tomatos work too... and make a bigger mess. ;D
Hey Guys,

I have been speaking to Bob about this exact issue for the past two days. I just purchased an 07 S3 and was looking forward to Bob's exhaust. But as it turns out, he needs to fabricate a brand new mid-pipe for the 07 models. Problem was, he didn't have the 07 mid-pipe to copy. So I sent him mine today. He expects to have it ready for shipment in (no promises) 3-4 weeks. He said he was 90% sure he could make the pipe for the 07 models.

Man.... I can't wait to have his pipes on my S3. Guess I will just have to put a few miles on my 07 D675 until I hear back from Bob. ;D!

By the way, if your 07 S3 has the new heat shield... it doesn't necessarily mean you have the new 07 mid-pipe. The O2 sensor was also moved on the later 07s. It is now by the oil filter. So your 07 S3 may still have the 06 mid-pipe if the O2 sensor is behind the new heat shield... So if you want Bob's pipes and you have an 06 mid-pipe your delivery time may not be necessarily as long as if you had an 07! But don't quote me on that.

Hope this helps.
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Bob sent me an email with a good explanation. Also sent pictures and gave me several options.(Talk about customer service!) Anyway, I got to wait til I get home to see what I got. Don't have any good pictures of my bike that show the mid pipe well enough. He did tell me about Litlgi sending him the if I got the later mid pipe, I'll just wait til he gets the mod done. He also said he could get me out the single pipe set up, but I like the dual look better.
Came home for lunch to look at the bike, and damn, just my luck I got the "new" mid-pipe where the O2 sensor is by the oil filter! Told Bob I'd wait till he got the mod done so his dual set up will fit. Now I just need to work on being patient. How come I can here the clock all of a sudden?
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