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Just saw on the newspeed3 website that there was a note in red stating that the chains don't fit on the S3 with the "new" exhaust. Looked over on Bob's site and there wasn't anything about that. Anybody know anything about this, and can you define "new" exhaust?
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The later 2007 models have a different header, so they don't fit. Some of the earlier 2007 units use the same header as the 2005-2006 S3.
If you have the heat shield by the footpeg, you have the late header.

Bob is working on a header just for your issue. 8)
Roulettetriple said:
shit, so now what do I do in the meantime? someone send me 2 bananas for my roommate's exhaust
Tomatos work too... and make a bigger mess. ;D
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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