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Hey Guys,

I have been speaking to Bob about this exact issue for the past two days. I just purchased an 07 S3 and was looking forward to Bob's exhaust. But as it turns out, he needs to fabricate a brand new mid-pipe for the 07 models. Problem was, he didn't have the 07 mid-pipe to copy. So I sent him mine today. He expects to have it ready for shipment in (no promises) 3-4 weeks. He said he was 90% sure he could make the pipe for the 07 models.

Man.... I can't wait to have his pipes on my S3. Guess I will just have to put a few miles on my 07 D675 until I hear back from Bob. ;D!

By the way, if your 07 S3 has the new heat shield... it doesn't necessarily mean you have the new 07 mid-pipe. The O2 sensor was also moved on the later 07s. It is now by the oil filter. So your 07 S3 may still have the 06 mid-pipe if the O2 sensor is behind the new heat shield... So if you want Bob's pipes and you have an 06 mid-pipe your delivery time may not be necessarily as long as if you had an 07! But don't quote me on that.

Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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