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Cheap and Easy SAI Removal

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If you want to remove the SAI but don't felling like buying or making the block of plates yourself, I found and cheap and easy solution.

I removed the entire SAI system (inclusing plates that mount to cylinder head). Took one of the plates to the nearest auto parts store and picked up some vacuum caps to fit over intake hole on the cylinder head plates. They were a little long, but a pair a scissors took care of that. I used a little sealent for added insurance against air leaks. Then reinstalled the plates on cylinder head.

They didn't have a vacuum cap in stock to fit the airbox outlet to the SAI so I used a M8x40mm bolt & nut, with a washer and sealent at each end.

Finally, put some black electrical tape over the electrical connection to the solenoid and tied it out of the way. Put everything back together, hooked up the Tuneboy and installed the 10088Tune_dyno39 tune I got off, Checked and cleared the SAI error code and started it up. Works like a charms, runs great no popping at all, and the check engine light has not come on again.
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Yep, I uploaded the tune to before this site had the ability to load tunes.
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