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Hey all, just found this site from a post on t-rat. I'am glad i did cause i have'nt been able to do anything but read, i think they gave me the boot. Cant imagine why. Anyway, please see my reply under general discussions . Later. Itchin.
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There isn't nearly as much traffic on here as Triumphrat, but at least there are plenty of different categories to split things up so tech guys can hang in there, place to look for parts, general chatter, etc. I think it works a lot better than Triumphrat, but Limey seems to think I'm an asshole for saying such blasphamy on the holy bullshitter forums, lol.
Hi Itchin, Welcome. Plenty of great info for our S3's here.
Itchin,welcome to the party
what i meant to say was, please see my reply/post on the general disc/basics at TS3. But thanks for the welcome anyway. been posting on rat for awhile but got banished for some reason.
Yeah, the mods over there can be fairly asinine. Just look at how much a PITA it was to get that parts sticky...

We're a bit more off-the-cuff over here and have that much more fun. Just check out the NWS section, lol.
Itchin, you may need parental permission before you look at NWS :eek:
Ok, then the next question is, "who's yer daddy?" Lol.
Sounds like R100 might have been involved ???
Yeah, thats the ticket. It's all r100's fault. I'am tellin shawn right now.
Yea, R100 is a young guy who can handle the "heat"
Hey itchin',wanna scratch these.
Bucket ;D
Sure thing bucket, why, you got a nasty rash or something?
Anyone know about puting a CBR gas tank onto an S3?
BUCKET said:
^ Yes. :wave:
You are THE best tank swapper in the whole world.
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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