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Check engine bulb removal

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I must confess; I asked this question on the other Triumph site and only got the company line answers. I have a '99 Speed Triple that I constantly tinker with. Every time I modify something or run the battery low the yellow light comes on. I typically go for longer rides and do not want to go through the 3-4 heat-up cool down modes to make it go away. My question; very simple; can I remove the bulb and do away with nuiscance w/o any negative effects? Obviously I have oil pressure, coolant, fan working as designed, etc. I really don't care if voltage at start-up is a little low or some O2 sensor has a brain cramp. Not trying to be a pric just need an answer.
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Yes you can - at least on the 02 + (it is the same ECM) it will record the 'fault' in the history but only as a reference if the codes are pulled at any time.
I know you don't want to hear the rest so ignire it if you choose.
Like all the other answers you received before, I agree the rationale behind doing it is questionable.
The side-effect is obvious in that when you have a fault condition, you will not recognize there is a problem. Sure, you can check your oil pressure & temperature - how about things like crankshaft sensor, TPS sensor, injector circuits, ignition faults? Just wait till problem becomes catastrophic as opposed to drawing your attention that something is wrong that needs attention? Or what if your oil pressure light burns out?
The first thing I would do is get myself a new battery to get rid of the 'nuisance' alarm so that when you get an MIL it's meaningful - instead of assuming it is just the battery. If you go for extended periods without riding, then get a battery tender.
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