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Had to replace the the ISC stepper on my 2005 ST and are using TuneECU to set it.
The problem I have is there is supposed to be a 0.5mm gap between the stepper arm and the throttled body. Even with the stepper turned fully down so that the spring is completely compressed I have no gap.
The only way I can get a gap is the adjust the "closed throttle position" stop. To get the correct gap I end up with a closed throttle position value of 2.5%. It was previously 1%.
I can't find the correct value anywhere.
Obviously if the throttle closed position is not set properly the idle won't be correct.
So, does anyone know what the correct closed throttle position value is ???? and if no one knows, can somebody use TuneECU to get the TPS value please.

Any help appreciated.
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