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white06S3 said:
Just spoke with the dealer. REJECTED!

What the F--K!!!

Triumph is of the opinion that, because the bike has been in service for a year, they are not responsible. I reminded the dealer that the bike has a 2 year warranty. They said that Triumph says it's the fault of the dealer who did the setup. I called that dealer and was told that the service guy has gone home for the day. I'll call back on Monday.
Same thing happened to my clutch cable. Except that I actually wore a pinhole through my radiator causing a coolant leak! I'm getting the radiator repaired so it shouldn't be too much $$$. And my issue is not covered under warranty either.  :finger: 

Everybody, check and make sure your clutch cable is not coming into contact with your rad.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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